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Bio IPS LLC is a full service firm specializing in patent drafting and prosecution as well as researching worldwide patent and non-patent literature information sources for all areas of technology, including Medical, Pharmaceuticals, Life Science, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biotechnology, Electronics, Engineering, etc.

Bio IPS LLC Professionals have many years of patent examining and searching experience of Ph.D. level complexity at the USPTO, registration to practice before U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as well as advanced degrees in science and technology. Some of our professional searchers are former Supervisory Patent Examiners with many years of searching experience as well as managerial experience at the USPTO. Our searchers have both the knowledge of the topic and the skills necessary in today's workplace to conduct a comprehensive, cost-effective search, while minimizing search time in order to provide the search information and results in a timely manner.

Bio IPS LLC Professional searchers are based nearby the US Patent Office and offer a variety of services, including analysis of worldwide patent and non-patent literature for state-of-the-art and novelty/patentability searches through to infringement/freedom-to-operate and validity studies.

Bio IPS LLC Professionals have access to the largest and most comprehensive databases of scientific and patent information in the world, and will apply our technical, scientific and patent prosecution expertise to meet your precise information and intellectual property needs. This is achieved through an appropriate combination of searching online databases and/or manual searching conducted at patent offices and libraries in Europe, the U.S., and Japan. Examples of online databases utilized include Derwent World Patents Index (WPI), Chemical Abstracts/Registry, IFI Claims, Caplus, Litalert (litigation), and INSPEC/IEEE, as well as Full Text databases and other technology-specific online files covering patents and non-patent literature.

Bio IPS also offers a wide variety of support services as part of our comprehensive management of Intellectual Property portfolios (e.g., DNA Sequence Listing (Patent-In), renewal services, document delivery, post-issuance activities and a patent watching/monitoring service, patent mapping and competitor intelligence studies, etc.).

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