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Nucleic Acid or Amino Acid Searches

(e.g., Biosequence)

This search involves a variety of database tools to search for exact nucleic acid sequences, or for levels of homology with given sequences. We use STN and other databases. There are a number of different types of nucleic acid or amino acid searches that can be conducted including:
Exact where the searched amino or nucleic acid sequence exactly matches the query sequence.
Subsequence where the searched amino or nucleic acid sequence(s) completely encompass the query sequence but may also contain additional amino or nucleic acid segments.
Homology where discovered sequences are retrieved based on how much similarity they have to the query sequence. Computer algorithms such as FAST, BLAST as well as true Smith and Waterman algorithms are used to provide a score of how similar one sequence is to another.

Additional searches such as:
Exact Family-this type of search retrieves similar amino acids searched; same length.
Subsequence Family-this type of search retrieves functionally similar amino acids searched; search fragment may or may not be embedded.
Sequence Length: This type of search retrieves sequences of a certain length.

Patents and/or non-patent literature.

We use exhaustive algorithm (Smith and Waterman algorithm), which is recognized as the most sensitive sequence comparison method available. In addition, we utilize a heuristic algorithm (Blast and Fasta).

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